09 December 2015

phoenix flea

The Phoenix Flea was awesome. I had the best time being a vendor last weekend. It was my first real market and it was everything I hoped for! There were no catastrophes (sigh) and I met so many great people! We even froze a little, which was weird for Phoenix, but I will take all the cool temperatures I can get!
My choice to be in the flea was sort of a spontaneous one. I was feeling a little bored and unmotivated. I looked it up one night and noticed that I had one week to apply. Ah! Once I was accepted, I had 3 1/2 months to create all new art and product. I had some late nights and had lots of fun creating. Side note: I definitely recommend a relatively hard, short-term goal for anyone that's in a rut. ;) It was very rewarding for me. 

My husband was my rock star booth builder. He also saved our lives at lunchtime with some yummy tacos, and brought the kids to see me. That was hands down the best part of my day, seeing my family for a bit. I'm sad I didn't get a picture with them.

This is my friend, Ali. She is Little Alice Art. She was my assistant for the day and made excellent company. Here she is in front of the mural I painted on my booth. A few others used it as a backdrop for their photos, and nothing could have made me happier. :)

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