07 May 2013

design / 'tis the season for weddings!

'Tis the season for weddings! It seems like wedding announcements and bridal shower invites are all I've been designing lately. (plus a wedding website!) And that's fine by me! Maybe I'm just lucky, but I always have the sweetest brides. They are my favorite to work with... especially when they are going to be my sister-in-laws!

Yep, I'm gaining to sister-in-laws in June and I'm thrilled. I've already bombarded them with my collection of wedding inspiration (sorry girls, hehe). It's just hard to contain my excitement, I just love weddings so much! I can't wait to get dressed up and spend time with them on their special days!


  1. Brooke Crosland Rupp14.6.13

    Thanks for all you did to make the wedding prep and the actual day so much fun! Lisa has the best taste ever!

  2. katieanderson28.9.13

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  3. katieanderson28.9.13

    Beautiful hand printing work.Like your idea for wedding gifts.manchesterescortsservices