22 January 2013

you are outta this world / free valentine card printable

Are the people in your life amazing?! Give them a card that tells them just how great they really are! ;) This is a not-so-valentines-y card I made for Valentine's Day! You are welcome to download it and print it for free! Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to download your "outta this world" card!

{Illustration by me. For personal use only.}



  1. Thank you! This is great for more than just Valentine's Day!

  2. Maria Richardson13.2.14

    My husband is an astrophysicist and teaches at a local university. This is absolutely perfect - soooooo much better than any card in retail stores. You should be SELLING this fantastic card but please wait until I download it later today! Cheers from Charleston, South Carolina.

  3. Yay, so glad you like it! :)