21 April 2014

scenes from easter

Our Easter was quiet, but great. I had the best time spending it with my little family, going to church and playing Easter Bunny. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

17 April 2014

floral designs for latter-day home

Latter-Day Home commissioned me to do these floral designs. Each represents a LDS Young Women Value. I have a love for the Young Women program, so I really enjoyed making these. Prints are now available exclusively at Latter-Day Home. You can also find one of my past designs on one of their pillows. See it HERE.

all images by latter-day home

07 March 2014

new dishtowel designs

I've added two new dishtowel designs to my shop! I intended to have them go together and I think they're making a nice pair. :) I have so much more planned for my shop too, so stay tuned for that. If you have Instagram, you can follow me @lisarupp. It's where I stay the most up-to-date!

See my new Spring dishtowel HERE and my Summer one HERE!


20 January 2014

i've started painting again

It had been a few years since I had painted. And now that I'm doing it again, I can't believe I stopped for so long. I've tried to describe how painting makes me feel to a few people (especially painting with the color yellow) and only a handful of people understand. I'm only playing around right now, but it's so refreshing to be this excited about something.

For Christmas, I painted these tiny paintings for my friends in my painting class. Oh Happy Day's mini masterpiece favors inspired me. They were so tiny and cute that I almost didn't want to give them away!

11 November 2013

peach + yellow

Peach and yellow make a happy couple, don't you think? I'm really loving them together right now.

{image credit: oh joy! + morley // pinned from: jessica (coco/mingo) + merrilee liddiard}

07 November 2013

fall in utah

It had been ages since we had spent a fall in Utah and boy, was it good to us. Fall just isn't the same in Arizona. Miss you.