28 July 2015

gelatin leaf prints

I shared the gelatin prints I made on Latter-Day Home's blog the other day. They are so fun to make. You should try it!
Visit Latter-Day Home for the how-to!

13 July 2015

art prints coming to the shop!

Finally, I'll be adding prints to my shop next week! These have been my two most popular dishtowel designs and I'm excited to have them available as prints. It's about time, right?! They are 12"x18" gouache paintings, printed on beautifully thick paper. I just love how they turned out! I have a couple others that I'll be sharing soon too. Stay tuned!

31 July 2014

newborn photos

Newborn photos!! Ever since I saw this photo, I've been dying (even before she arrived) to plop a small cluster of flowers on her cute little head. Thank you, Target, for having something I could work with, since there are no flower shops or farmer's markets nearby. I'm just SO happy with how these turned out. I'll love them forever!
And my attempts at instant photography, in all their bad lighting, blurry and mysterious white dot goodness! It's all part of the fun, right?!
Oh, I love my sweet little girl! :)

22 July 2014


Meet Colette, the cutest, newest member of our family. She's made me one extra happy momma! I can't believe that she's almost four weeks old! We're slowly figuring out life with three kids. (yikes!) It's a little bit crazy, buy really wonderful too.